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Hickling & Associates started business in 1999, and is a facilities management consulting firm helping organizations deliver quality services while minimizing operating costs. We accomplish this through completing rapid and accurate assessments; creating new alignment of processes; establishing metrics to measure changes toward a specified goal; and assisting clients during the implementation process.

Our primary goal is to assure that you can answer these three questions affirmatively:


Are you receiving full value for the money spent on the facilities portfolio (i.e. operations and maintenance, utilities, capital renewal and replacement, new construction, deferred maintenance)?


Do you have a reliable set of facilities’ performance metrics in place such as, usable space, revenue per net square foot, costs of owning and operating space?


Do the facilities’ metrics respond to the needs of key constituencies (e.g. administration, faculty, researchers, public, students)?

Our Team

Duane G. Hickling

Duane G. Hickling

Managing Principal

Duane has more than 20 years of experience in aligning and executing organizational goals and objectives for higher education institutions. He is passionate about advancing the field of facilities management through data and technology and has a strong background in strategic planning, asset management, campus planning operations improvement and implementation of facilities management information systems.

Formerly, Duane held positions of Associate Vice President at the University of Chicago and Assistant Vice Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. His responsibilities included facilities operations, planning and construction, environmental health and safety, parking and transportation, capital budget development, and campus planning. Prior to his positions at the University of Chicago and the University of Wisconsin, he was at the University of Southern California where he was Executive Olympics Administrator for the 1984 Olympic Games before moving into a facilities operations role as Executive Director of Facilities Operations and Maintenance Services.

Our Consultants

Hickling & Associates partners with well-qualified consultants to ensure that appropriate expertise is assigned to projects.

Larry Barkley

Larry Barkley

Mr. Barkley has more than 20 years of real estate and facility management related experience. His experience includes corporate, healthcare, educational, and government markets. He has provided end-to-end technology, organizational and business process consulting services from needs assessment and systems design through implementation support. His experience includes technology planning, process review, staffing review, systems selection, systems integration, and business case development, performance measurement, outsource strategy and implementation.

Wayne Buck

Wayne Buck

Mr. Buck has more than 40 years of educational, bio-technical, building, industrial, utility, and heavy construction experience, as well as, institutional facilities design & construction departmental administration. Since graduating in 1970 with an engineering degree, Mr. Buck has served in the positions of engineer, quality control manager, corporate quality assurance manager, project engineer, project superintendent, project manager, chief estimator, construction director, and corporate officer for both regional and national general contractors and as a construction management consultant.

Ernest Hunter

Mr. Hunter brings a strong background in leading change, executive management, strategic planning, process analysis, data management and analysis, maintenance and operations management, and application of performance metrics. He has extensive experience leading large facilities management organizations. His management experience includes 26 years as a Civil Engineer Corps Officer with the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, where he achieved the rank of Captain (O-6). In his last Navy assignment he served as the Commanding Officer of a Regional Facilities Engineering Command, providing engineering, construction, maintenance, and operations management services to naval bases in several west coast states. He also has eight years in Higher Education facilities management serving as Associate Director and Director at The University of Texas Austin. He has been providing facilities management consulting services to colleges and universities since 2007.

Michael Stephens

Mr. Stephens has assessed the maintenance and reliability practices of more than 100 organizations across higher education, direct marketing, and manufacturing. For more than a decade, Mr. Stephens has worked exclusively in Higher Education Facilities Management. From 2007-2012, he was Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management at Occidental College, where he established best practices in maintenance processes, equipment and system reliability, utilization of available technology and communicating with campus customers. Mr. Stephens also directed $16 million in capital renewal, spread over four years, to residence halls, science buildings and campus operations and infrastructure, repairing and upgrading every system on campus.

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In order to meet our clients’ specific needs, Hickling & Associates regularly partners with specialized consulting firms on our projects.

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